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William (Bill) Krueger, Co-Owner/Vice President


Meet Carpet One's Controller, Bill, who boasts an impressive 53 years in the flooring industry since founding what is now Carpet One in 1976. His favorite part of being part of Carpet One is the cooperative advantage, which allows our store to compete with other Big-Box flooring stores. Plus, Bill's knowledge, expertise, and dependable nature have contributed to our success and growth at Carpet One in Farmington. Learn more about Our Store here.


In his role as the main buyer and merchandiser, Bill focuses on providing his customers with the latest trending flooring products, and he offers nothing but the best in customer service. Beyond work, he cherishes Farmington's small-town atmosphere, which allows our local flooring store to thrive within the community. Stop by our showroom at 3456 East Main Street today and say hello to Bill and the Carpet One team!



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Lori Krueger, Co-Owner/General Manager            


If you haven't yet, say hello to Lori Krueger, our Co-Owner and General Manager at Carpet One! Customer service has been Lori’s top priority since starting in the flooring industry in June of 2016. Working alongside her husband and co-owner, Bill Krueger, Lori's main focus is on offering product knowledge and quality assurance to every one of her customers. Lori is proudly certified in Design and Sales Consulting, 2022, and she appreciates the support and exclusive product variety offered through the Carpet One Co-Op.


In the flooring industry, Lori finds joy in witnessing the positive impact of new flooring and countertops in local homes, schools, and businesses. Outside of Carpet One, Lori proudly values Farmington's small businesses, and she enjoys volunteering in community activities and events. Stop in and say hello to Lori, today!


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Joel Barela, Store Manager


Meet Joel Barela, our Store Manager at Carpet One! With over 20 years of flooring experience since starting in 2002, Joel always delivers the best product price for his customers. He values the tight-knit working relationships at Carpet One, and the expectation that every customer is treated like family. Beyond work, Joel enjoys taking part in Farmington's numerous outdoor activities.


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Judy Gould, In-House Designer


As a long-time Farmington resident, Judy has expertly provided detailed interior design for Carpet One since 1997. And while you might've missed her between 2009- 2021, when she left to work for a design firm in Cherry Creek North, Denver, she's happy to be back in Farmington! She is extremely proud of Farmington's friendliness, cultural blend, and natural beauty.


Judy values Carpet One's family-oriented approach and access to changing trends and technologies, and she is currently certified in Design and Sales Consulting. Using her quick problem-solving skills to create each client's dream floor plan is what makes her tick, and she loves the flooring industry's role as the foundation for successful interiors. Judy looks forward to providing exceptional attention to detail from beginning to end on your next home project!


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Kevin Clark, Sales Manager


If you haven't stopped in to say hello yet, meet Kevin Clark, our Sales Manager! Since his start in the flooring industry in 2022, Kevin has valued the family-like atmosphere for both Carpet One employees and customers. Kevin enjoys guiding his customers to their perfect floors from start to finish. He currently holds a Sales and Consulting Certification and he enjoys working collaboratively with the entire Carpet One team. Beyond work, he loves living in Farmington because of its proximity to historical sites and family-fun activities.


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Keigen Krueger, Assistant Sales Manager


Meet Keigen Krueger, our Assistant Sales Manager at Carpet One. With experience in the flooring industry since 2017, Keigen loves the satisfaction of finished installations and interior transformations. He values the opportunities provided by Carpet One, and he is certified in Design, Sales Consulting, and Sales Performance Management. Outside of work, Keigen spends time in the community, and he appreciates how every person has an opportunity to excel in Farmington.


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Cheryl Bare, Retail Sales Assistant


Say hello to Cheryl Bare, our Retail Sales Assistant at Carpet One! Since starting in the flooring industry in 2022, she come to value providing her customers with clear and respectful communication. Her favorite part of being a retail sales assistant at Carpet One is the customer appreciation that comes with her job and the family ethos Carpet One has for its employees. Certified with a Sales Consultant Certification and 5 Diamond Certification, Cheryl is committed to ensuring a positive and trusting experience for every customer she meets.


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Sankey Johnson, Sales Consultant


If you haven't already, say hello to Sankey Johnson, our Sales Consultant! Sankey has worked for Carpet One since 2005, with over 20 years of flooring experience. He enjoys putting his creativity and attention to detail to work, improving homes with new flooring, and helping people achieve their flooring goals. With three certificates under his belt (5 Diamond, Sales Consultant Cert, & Design Certification), Sankey can offer the best flooring education for his clients. As for living in the community, he says he appreciates its diversity and varied terrain.


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Jyn Archuleta, Sales Consultant


Meet Jyn Archuleta, our Sales Consultant at Carpet One! Jyn has found that her favorite aspect of working in the flooring industry is discovering the best products to meet her customers' needs. Since starting in the industry in 2022, Jyn has certifications in Design and Sales Consultant, and she is 5 Diamond Certified. She is dedicated to sharing product knowledge and creating a personalized experience for her customers. Jyn loves participating in local charities with Carpet One, and outside of work, she enjoys spending time at local events like River Fest.


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Rhiannon Rock, Sales Consultant


Rhiannon stepped into the flooring industry in April of 2022, and since then she has come to love our close-knit work family! Her favorite part of working in the flooring industry is seeing the diversity in every home's transformation. As a Carpet One sales consultant, Rhiannon values meeting every customer's needs and budget, and she is certified in Sales Consulting and Home Design. Outside of sales, Rhiannon cherishes the time spent in the community and the love and support she receives from her family.


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Joycinda Marshall, Warehouse Manager


Meet Joycinda, our sweet and tough-as-nails Warehouse Manager! With over 5 years of experience in the flooring industry, Joycinda enjoys a work environment that is always clean and organized. However, her favorite aspect of being part of Carpet One is the community events we volunteer for. When she isn't in the Warehouse, Joycinda loves attending events like our local River Fest and Connie Mack Baseball with her nearby family.


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Angela Shorty, Operation Assistant


In the last six months Angela has been in the flooring industry, she has come to love the incredible transformations that different flooring can bring to the customer. Her favorite part of the job is the dynamic pace, especially in the ordering and accounting department. Angela loves to help customers feel welcome from beginning to end and have a WOW experience when leaving. In her free time, Angela loves to enjoy the community's festive celebrations, its diverse cultures, and the changing seasons.


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Trent Garrett, Installation Manager


Meet Trent L. Garrett, our Installation Manager at Carpet One since 2016!  Trent enjoys the unique challenges of each flooring installation job and it shows! With his experience of 19 years in the flooring industry, Trent stays up-to-date in the world of flooring by maintaining his 5 Diamond Certification and Covid-19 awareness. He wholeheartedly participates in Carpet One's values while sharing in our family-like work environment and focusing on exceptional customer service. When it comes to the community, Trent appreciates its perfect balance—small enough for comfort yet large enough for convenience, and he loves the good weather!


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Davin Yazzie, Installation Specialist


Davin started at Carpet One on the weekends and after school in 2009. Now, with over 13 years of experience, Davin is our Assistant Installation Manager and he is 5-Diamond Certified. He enjoys changing trends and new products within the flooring industry, and he loves sharing his skills with others. Davin's focus on 5-star customer service doesn't stop at flooring, however; he also enjoys volunteering with Carpet One at the local Boys & Girls Club. When Davin isn't working, he enjoys quality time with his nearby family, attending local events and music.


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Kymin Bydonie, Installation Specialist


Kymin Bydonie joined Carpet One as a Flooring Installer in the Summer of 2018, right before starting college. Since then, he has gained 5 years of flooring experience with us, and he is currently COVID-19 awareness certified. Kymin shares in Carpet One's family-like values on customer service. He enjoys meeting new people within the flooring industry and connecting with friends in the Farmington community.


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Osman Cuestas, Installation Specialist


Meet Osman Cuestas, our dedicated flooring Installer at Carpet One! Osman started working at Carpet One during the summer of 2019 and has 5 years of flooring experience, with a background in tile installation. Osman's favorite part of working at Carpet One is bringing each customer's flooring vision to life. Osman loves living in the Farmington community, especially because of all the close-knit family ties.


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Dan Hauf, Installation Specialist


Meet Dan Hauf, our Installer! With over 30 years of flooring experience since his start in 1976, Dan thrives on the constant flow of work in the flooring industry. His favorite part of the job? The camaraderie with co-workers. When it comes to customer experience, Dan's main focus is making customers happy, ensuring satisfaction in every project.


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Cory Werito, Installation Specialist


Meet Cory Werito, our dedicated Installer at Carpet One since 2019. For Cory, the best part of being part of Carpet One is the satisfaction of working and getting paid (who doesn't love a payday?). In the flooring industry, he finds joy in constantly learning new things. While payday is his favorite part of the job (as we just established), Cory's main focus for each customer's experience is ensuring their flooring looks fantastic. When he isn't installing floors for Carpet One, you'll probably find him hanging out with his family right in Farmington.


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Andre Harvey, Installation Specialist


Andre Harvey has 18 years of flooring industry experience under his belt! He thinks the best part about Carpet One is the people he works with (although, a payday isn't too bad either). In the flooring industry, Andre enjoys learning how to install various flooring types to ensure a superb finished product and a satisfied customer. When he isn't installing floors, Andre enjoys golfing at Piñon Hills Golf Course and participating in sports with his kids.



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